Blog Post Checklist With Printable


Blog Post Checklist With Printable

In a blogging Facebook group,  this question came up recently.  “Does anyone have a blog post checklist?”  I didn’t,  no one else did,  but it seemed like a fabulous thing to have!  I started thinking of all the steps I do for every blog post.  My blog posts consistently hit Google page one for my niche of doTERRA essential oils for natural health.  I decided to write a blog for my friend.  I’m even going to include a printable blog post checklist!  I’m excited to get this information into a list format.  Also it will be helpful to the bloggers on my doTERRA team.

Printable Blog Post Checklist

Before you hit publish on that blog post,  consider a few key steps.  Is it optimized for Google,  Pinterest,  and social sharing?  What about images?  Have you completed all of the following steps?  There are many steps to remember.

I’ve also made a printable version with check boxes: Printable Blog Post Checklist

Printable Blog Post Checklist Before you hit publish on that blog post, consider a few key steps. Is it optimized for Google, Pinterest, and social sharing? Have you completed all of the following steps? What about images? There are many steps to remember. I've made a printable version here: Printable Blog Post Checklist

  • Keyword Research
  • Title & Slug
  • H1 Heading (1 Main)
  • Introduction
  • H2 Headings (multiple subheadings)
  • Meat of article under H2 headings
  • Conclusion
  • Call To Action
  • Link to other posts
    • Non-blog links open in new window
    • No follow affiliate links (if applicable)
  • Images
    • Pinterest (ALT optimized)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Theme Featured Image
    • Instagram
  • Green SEO
  • Green Readability
  • Grammerly to correct writing and spelling errors
  • Publish

Cross Promotion Checklist For Blog

In addition to following the above checklist,  I consider the cross promotion for every blog post.  Cross promotion means that I have a plan for sharing my fabulous post!  You may use one or more of these social media channels. Simply choose which is best for your business!  I’ve included a few of my best tips for each social media channel.


I schedule my Pinterest posts using Tailwind (affiliate link).  Tailwind helps me to optimize my group boards and ideal pinning times.

Email Newsletter

I’m still learning about email marketing.  So far I love MailerLite (affiliate link).  MailerLite allows me to incorporate an RSS feed of my latest blog posts.  I add one to every newsletter!  Join my newsletter here to see how it works.  I send out a newsletter about once a month.


Remember to share to your Facebook Fan page and community!  I use CinchShare (affiliate link) to schedule 95% of my Facebook posts.  Pop your blog post into CinchShare.  Set it to post at your optimal Facebook sharing time.  CinchShare is the social media version of a “fix it and forget it cookbook”.  I love it!

To fully maximize Facebook reach,  you may also want to read:  “How To Grow Your Facebook Fanpage Reach


You will need to create an appropriately sized Instagram image.  Hashtags and visuals matter on this channel!  Don’t forget to follow me so I can follow back!


Twitter relies on short descriptions and hashtags.  Use CinchShare to schedule your Twitter posts.

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Did you enjoy my blog post checklist?  I hope you find it helpful!  Come find me over in my Facebook group,  Exploring Essential Oils.  I’d love for you to join us and say hello!

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