remove sticky residue naturally
Have you ever wondered how to remove sticky residue naturally? No one wants to use toxic chemicals! How about trying pure and natural essential oils?

Remove Sticky Residue Naturally

honey glazed snack mix
Honey Glazed Snack Mix is so simple to make, and delicious. Our young children especially enjoy it. A true family tested favorite.

Honey Glazed Snack Mix Recipe

doTERRA Family Wellness kit enrollment
doTERRA Family Wellness Kit helps you safely and easily attend to the needs of your family. doTERRA TOUCH roller bottles are pre-diluted. Safe & convenient!

doTERRA Family Wellness Kit

We often talk about roses and sunshine, and there is plenty of that. But the bare truth is that it’s frightening to be a parent. Fear and protection for my children. Only outweighed by a pure love so heavy that it makes my heart ache. This, bare, raw, and real. This is what it is like to be a parent.
 We often talk about roses and sunshine,  and there is plenty of that.  But the bare truth is that it’s frightening to be a parent. […]

It’s Frightening To Be A Parent

Just write about whatever comes to mind from the journal prompt. What does the prompt make you think of, or what is the answer to the prompt? You can always elaborate to explore things a little deeper. As women, it's really helpful to have an outlet like this. I find for myself that journaling is especially valuable in helping me to not bottle up my emotions!
  Journal Prompts:  What Are They? Do you journal?  I discovered journaling as a child.  I was a pretty shy kid,  and writing offered me […]

Journal Prompts For Mothers

Have you been following my original Mommy Notes series? I post new Mommy Notes first to Instagram, so be sure to follow me on there if you haven't already @essentialoilswithbetsy
Mommy notes are little snippets of everyday humor that comes from parenting.  Enjoy these,  and don’t forget to share with a fellow parent! Have you […]

Mommy Notes Series

Reasons Not Rushing Will Make You A Happier Parent When you rush, you miss out. Rushing the sleeping thing, you miss out on the experience of holding her and how much she needs you. The dependency can be so wearing, exhausting, and make you literally scream into your pillow. But there will be a day you miss it. Enjoy it, embrace it. Be their whole world for just a little longer. Just be present with that little bundle, here and now.
    Don’t Rush It This morning as I dropped my little girl off at preschool,  there was a note about kindergarten registration.  Kindergarten!  Just […]

Don’t Rush It