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Let’s just be real today.  It’s time for some honesty and a bit of tough love,  too.


I woke up today in a not so great space.  Monday is not typically my BFF,  and today was no exception.  After talking my husband into getting our daughter ready for preschool and dropping her off for me,  I was so tempted to go back to bed for awhile.  I was tired,  cranky,  and just did not want to deal with today.


Instead,  I chose today.  In spite of the crabbiness and the I just don’t want to do it…  I chose today.   I chose not to stay in bed,  but to look to some natural remedies to further support a healthy mindset.  Life is in a big part about mindset and the choices we make around that.  We are the ones who get to make healthy choices.  No one else does that for us.  It’s not about the Monday,  it’s about choices.  Tough love,  but effective!

I chose to take extra vitamin C to help with natural immune system support.  I chose to get into a hot bath with essential oils,  and I chose to work on my blog today in case anyone else needed this message.

I am choosing to keep the appointment with my friend,  choosing to plan a healthy lunch and fix it,  choosing to be the one picking up my daughter from school (no more moping!) and also I am going to keep the dentist appointment later in the day.  I know!  Who schedules a dentist appointment on a Monday?  I really wasn’t thinking with that one.  But I’m going anyway.

Just going to plow through Monday and make it awesome.  Because there really is no other way to be,  even on a Monday.  So that’s it.  Go be awesome,  make Monday and every other day awesome.  Because in the end,  it isn’t about the day of the week,  it’s about you.  It’s about pulling out your awesome and putting it to work.


Because it’s awesome to be a part of life.  Because it’s awesome to watch your family and be a part of the action instead of on the sidelines with a bad mood.  Because it’s awesome to just sit outside and appreciate how blue the sky is.  Because it’s awesome to feel the warm earth under your bare feet.  Awesome to hug a loved one and be squeezed in return.  It is so incredibly awesome to be a part of really  living.  It’s awesome to explore your creativity.  And a hundred million billion other awesome things exist.  We don’t have time for a Monday day.  We only have time for awesome.  Let’s do it!

P.S.  This is my secret go be awesome bath.  I’m going to use this one every Monday from now on,  and so can you.

Motivation Bath with essential oils:

1 cup Epsom salts (this disperses the oil and acts as a carrier)

MASSAGE     10 drops Massage Blend

LIME     10 drops Lime

Hot water and soak your Monday crankiness away. Then go be awesome.  😉

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