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A Salsa Recipe Using Essential Oils

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Add some essential oils to your salsa for an amazing flavor.  You can make your own, or just stir the oils into store bought salsa.  Just make sure you are not using a plastic container,  because essential oils will break down plastic containers.  I personally love the fresh organic salsa that I find in the produce section of my local grocery store.  Grab some organic tortilla chips and enjoy this fantastic snack!!!

You should note that this recipe is for the whole jar.  You will be able to tweak the oil amount and add more if the flavor isn’t strong enough.  Too strong?  Try using just a toothpick swirl of essential oil instead of a whole drop.  Everyone has individual tastes,  so this recipe is just a general guide.  Don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous and mix it up to suit your own taste!

Cinco de Salsa essential oil recipe


Great question!  Besides the obvious added flavor,  both of these oils will have a wonderful benefit for your body.  Read more about Lime and Cilantro on their individual essential oil information pages.




essential oils


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