Don’t Rush It



Reasons Not Rushing Will Make You A Happier Parent


Don’t Rush It

This morning as I dropped my little girl off at preschool,  there was a note about kindergarten registration.  Kindergarten!  Just yesterday she was a teensy,  not quite six pound baby.  Now she is a five year old headed to kindergarten in the fall.

I feel like I blinked,  and all this time disappeared.

It’s just so crazy how fast time goes.  If you’re still in the crazy newborn stage,  if you’re during the he won’t sleep through the night no matter what I do phase.  If you don’t even have kids yet,  but are painfully longing for them.  Or somewhere way beyond me with graduations looming.  I just ask you,  don’t rush it.




What is this moment?  The bright eyed smile,  or the little hand holding yours.  The teenage eye roll,  balanced by the things you know and keep secret because they fully trust you despite all the drama.  Or wherever you are.  It’s going to go so fast.  You’re going to blink and wonder where these moments went.  When did all that time in the rocking chair feeding her turn into dropping her off at preschool and picking her up?  When did all the endless countless diaper changes become a self sufficent child who dresses herself?

When did babbling turn into Ma-ma,  turn into Mama,  turn into Mummy,  turn into Mommy,  turn into Mom,  turn into Mo-OOOOOOOOOOM….  and so on.

So with her at five,  and him and three.  Here is where I am going to be present, be mindful,  and please don’t rush it.

  1.  Her wispy baby fine hair.  I have to admit,  this is kind of hard for me at times,  because my own hair is long and thick.  Hers just wisps  everywhere,  and it’s only about as long as your average one year old.  Eh,  some one year olds have more hair.  But I’m not going to rush it.  Because I still get to comb her hair each morning,  and she needs me for that.
  2.  I’m not going to rush my three year old.  I have been so frustrated with his flat out refusal to potty train.  But it will come in time,  these phases do pass.  I’m just not going to rush it.  (Soon he will be the one heading off to kindergarten!)
  3. I’m not going to rush myself.  These are a big feelings.  I’m just going to let them be,  experience them,  and they are what they are.
  4. I’m not going to rush my business.  I passionately love this oil thing.  I really truly believe in it.  But with a home based business,  the privilege is having this time to be here with my kids.  I am so blessed to be home with them,  and not in a difficult place financially.  So Diamond can wait,  because this too will come in time.  It will come in the right timing.  Some day I’m going to be walking as Diamond,  and wonder where that time went,  too.  I’m embracing that,  but I’m also balancing that with the things my little family needs first.
  5. I’m not going to rush my dreams anymore.  I’ve had a flaw of rushing and dreaming of the next step instead of the current one.  I need to work on a bit of mindfulness with where I am so blessed to be presently,  instead.

Reasons Not Rushing Will Make You A Happier Parent

When you rush,  you miss out.  Rushing the sleeping thing,  you miss out on the experience of holding her and how much she needs you.  The dependency can be so wearing,  exhausting,  and make you literally scream into your pillow.  But there will be a day you miss it.  Enjoy it,  embrace it.  Be their whole world for just a little longer.  Just be present with that little bundle,  here and now.

When you rush them,  rush them out the door,  rush them off to preschool…  You miss out on little conversations in the car,  that they picked out their own outfit (and actually match – or not!),  you miss out on the fact they still need you.  They still need you to pour the milk just a little longer.  They still need you to drive them.  You are still the largest part of their world.

And don’t rush your marriage.  It’s interesting how many steps marriage goes through,  and some times it’s easy to neglect the person who walks through it all with us every day.  Sometimes you both just survive this wild ride called parenthood…  but do take some time to be present in your marriage,  every day.  Take some time to list what you value about your spouse,  and share that with them.  Don’t rush it because of all the other obligations.  This is your life partner,  value them.

I hope my entry today has helped you to realize that mindfulness is important.  Being present where you are helps you to be more joyful.  See the joy,  embrace it.  Accept the imperfections,  such is life.  And whatever you do,  don’t rush it.


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