doTERRA Cassia Essential Oil Usage


doTERRA Cassia essential oil is helpful for the healthy digestive,  cardiovascular,  and immune systems.  It contains Aldehydes,  which are both calming to the emotions and may assist with environmental threats.  Please take note that Cassia is a HOT essential oil,  and must always be diluted for topical or internal use to avoid irritation.  I would suggest using the doTERRA Fractionated Coconut oil for dilution.

doTERRA Cassia essential oil and how to use it

How I Enjoy Using DoTERRA Cassia Essential Oil

I love to add just a drop of Cassia to my afternoon coffee.  Mmmm!  You have to try it.  Additionally,  Cassia is a favorite to pop into my AromaLite essential oil diffuser.  It smells amazing!

Suggested Ways To Use Cassia Essential Oil From doTERRA

Take one to two drops internally to promote healthy cardiovascular system function.*

• Take in veggie capsule to maintain cardiovascular health.*

• Promotes healthy digestion.*

• May help to support healthy immune system function.*

• Warming, uplifting aroma.

• Can be used in cooking either as a replacement for Cinnamon in pies and bread or by itself in a myriad of entrees and desserts.

• Diffuse for feelings of arousal.

• Blends well with citrus oils or White Fir.

• Diffuse with Clove and Ginger during fall and winter for a happy holiday.

• Take one to two drops in veggie capsules for healthy immune system support.*

• Combine one to two drops along with Lemon in a glass of water to aid digestion or ward off hunger cravings.*

• Massage with a carrier oil for warming sensation.

• Put a drop of your water when hiking to support hydration.

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