doTERRA Cilantro Essential Oil Usage


Ways To Use doTERRA Cilantro Essential Oil

doTERRA Cilantro essential oil is useful for the circulatory and digestive systems.  Cilantro oil contains aldehydes and alcohols.

How to use doTERRA Cilantro essential oil and where to buy doTERRA oils


Cilantro essential oil has a strongly herbal aroma.  A little goes a long way with this powerful oil.ons

doTERRA Cilantro Essential Oil Usage Suggestions

• Add to salads, dips, and guacamole to experience Cilantro’s distinct flavor.

• Place one to two drops in a dōTERRA® Veggie Cap to experience Cilantro’s cleansing and detoxifying effect.*

• For a fresh, clean-smelling, herbal aroma, diffuse three to four drops of Cilantro with the citrus essential oil of your choice.

• Assists with digestion after over-indulging at dinner.*

• Provides important antioxidant benefits.*

doTERRA Cilantro essential oil disclaimer

doTERRA Cilantro essential oil may be used aromatically,  topically or internally.

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