doTERRA Compensation Plan Explained (Includes PDF)


doTERRA compensation plan is simple to understand.  However,  the trick is to break it down into bite size sections.  That is what I’m going to do for you with this blog post.  You will gain a clear understanding of the doTERRA compensation plan!

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PDF Of doTERRA Compensation Plan

First,  you will want to have your own PDF copy of the doTERRA compensation plan out and visible.  I have set this file to open a new browser window for easy reference as you read through this article.

Click here to download pdf of doterra compensation plan.

Click to download a PDF of the compensation plan.

Click the above link to open and download a PDF of the doTERRA compensation plan.  This will be the clearest copy for you to look at and see well,  because you will be able to zoom in on your computer screen.  Alternately,  you may print it out for your own use!

Explanation of doTERRA compensation plan

Begin With Fast Start

Fast Start bonuses are straightforward.  For every person you personally sponsor into your down line,  you will receive 20% of what they buy.  Fast start goes three levels deep.  Your levels are broke down to:

Level 1 – 20%

Level 2 – 10%

Level 3 – 5%

First,  Level 1 is what you earn on YOUR OWN personal enrollments.  Next,  Levels 2 and 3 are percentages you earn on your down lines’ personal enrollments.

Fast start is paid out for the first 60 days that your down line is enrolled with doTERRA.  It is paid out from the point value (PV) of purchased products.

FAQ:  When Is doTERRA Fast Start Paid?

Image of doTERRA compensation plan. doTERRA Fast start checks are paid weekly! This is your fast and fun money, and adds up quickly as you build momentum through classes and one on ones.

doTERRA Fast start checks are paid weekly!  This is your fast and fun money and adds up quickly.  Build momentum through classes and one on ones.

FAQ:  What Is The Requirement To Earn doTERRA Fast Start?

Click here to read about doTERRA compensation plan, fast start requirements, power of three, and more! Residual income is your friend!

The eligibility requirement for doTERRA Fast Start bonus is for you to place a single 100 pv Loyalty Rewards order in that same month.  I easily do this with my own monthly order for personal use.  In addition,  you will find that your monthly earnings will soon exceed this small minimum requirement.

A Note On doTERRA Retail Earnings

Here’s how I feel about the retail option.  From your end,  you get 25% commission,  but I don’t find that retail sales are best for the customer OR for the doTERRA consultant.  Here’s why.

Always Serve Your Customer

The first goal is always to do what is best for the customer.  Retail is an option when they don’t want to commit to the membership,  but the customer is getting far less value.  They miss out on 25% OFF OF EVERYTHING.  That is a substantial saving.  I would suggest pointing that out if they are hesitant to get a membership.  We want to serve our customers to the best of our ability,  and them paying 25% MORE isn’t doing that.

Always Retain Your Customer

In addition,  with retail sales,  you are not always retaining your customer.  Retention is KEY to building residual earnings with doTERRA.  Once you have retained your customer with a doTERRA wholesale membership,  they will always come back to you to purchase.  Remember,  they will continue to enjoy that 25% discount every purchase!  Win – win for BOTH of you!

FAQ:  What Is The Requirement To Earn Retail Commission With doTERRA?

Learn about doTERRA compensation plan. FAQ: What Is The Requirement To Earn Retail Commission With doTERRA? This is a reason that retail sales can be beneficial in some circumstances. Retail sales do NOT require a Loyalty Rewards order to qualify for commission. Retail sales do give the option of making money with doTERRA without placing a monthly Loyalty Rewards order.

This is a reason that retail sales can be beneficial.  Retail sales do NOT require a Loyalty Rewards order to qualify for commission.  Retail sales do give the option of making money with doTERRA without placing a monthly Loyalty Rewards order.

FAQ:  I Own A Store Or Other Business.  Should I Sell Retail?

Absolutely!  This is yet another scenario when retail sales may be beneficial.  However,  I would suggest you also start hosting classes at your store or place of business.  Through classes,  you will gain the ability to convert your retail customers to wholesale customers.  Chiropractors and doctors especially find this useful in growing doTERRA income.

Build Your Power Of Three Bonus

doTERRA compensation plan explained. Click to learn about building your power of three bonus.

Understanding doTERRA Power of Three bonus is simple.  Again,  there are three levels.  Each consultant on each level must place 100 pv Loyalty Rewards to qualify you for your Power Of Three Bonus.  You are paid at the highest Power Of Three level you achieve that month.

  1. Level 1:  $50: Have three personally sponsored Wellness Advocates and a total of 600 Team Volume. (Team Volume includes your personal order, the orders of your front line, retail orders, and Preferred Member orders.)
  2. Level 2:  $250: Your three front line team members must each have three other qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume. (See example image below.)
  3. Level 3:  $1500: Your nine qualified Wellness Advocates also must each have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates enrolled under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.

FAQ:  May I Build Power Of Three Multiple Times?

Yes!  Isn’t that cool?  There is NO LIMIT to the number of times you can build power of three,  but the first power of three structure must be COMPLETE before you may build a second Power of Three structure.  Can you imagine earning that $1500 bonus MULTIPLE times each month?

FAQ:  What Is The Eligibility Requirement For doTERRA Power Of Three Bonus?

The eligibility requirement for Power Of Three bonus is for you to place a single 100 pv Loyalty Rewards order in that same month.

Image of the DoTERRA compensation structure. Blog post explains how to earn money with doTERRA.

Build To Solid Residual Income

Once you have set up your structure towards the doTERRA Power Of Three bonus,  you will already be on your way to solid residual income with doTERRA!  As explained in the chart above,  doTERRA Residual Income is built several levels deep.

Finally,  doTERRA gives you long range earnings.  You will see that the compensation plan has your higher earning percentages on the BOTTOM of the structure.  Looking at the long view,  earning 7% on many people under you who are under you down line is much more lucrative than if the structure were reversed.  Would you rather earn 7% now on only one person,  or would you rather earn that 7% later,  on multiple people enrolled under your top level down line,  and their subsequent down lines?  Pretty simple math,  right?

FAQ:  Can I Combine My Power Of Three Earnings With My Residual Earnings?

Absolutely!  Build Power Of Three First,  and you will CONTINUE to receive Power of Three bonuses in ADDITION to your residual earnings!

Company Bonus pools for Silver and above

Last thing!  As you gain rank with doTERRA,  company bonus pools become available.  This means that Silver and above get a percentage of earnings from the company as a WHOLE.  doTERRA International is a BILLION DOLLAR company.  This level is clearly where you want to be at!

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