doTERRA Deep Blue Promotion March 2017


doTERRA Deep Blue Promotion March 2017

The doTERRA Deep Blue promotion is a highly anticipated time in the world of essential oil enthusiasts!  I know I am very excited and can’t wait to take full advantage of this special deal.  Read all the details here and learn how to qualify for March 2017.

Read “doTERRA Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend” to learn how to use doTERRA Deep Blue oil.

doTERRA Deep Blue Promotion March 2017 doTERRA Deep Blue promotion is a highly anticipated time in the world of essential oil enthusiasts! Read all the details and how to qualify for March 2017.

What is the doTERRA Deep Blue Promotion?

doTERRA Deep Blue promotion gives you Deep Blue rub and Deep Blue TOUCH roller bottle FOR FREE with any 200 points value purchase.  Product points are given for each item doTERRA carries.  It’s 1 point per $1 on the oils but varies on the wellness supplements,  oil diffusers,  and other products.  You can check your points total by visiting your doTERRA shopping cart.

How do I get the doTERRA Deep Blue promo?

You can get the doTERRA Deep Blue promo by making a wholesale or retail doTERRA purchase of 200 points value or higher during the month of March 2017.

How many Deep Blue Promotions can I get?

You may purchase up to FOUR Deep Blue promotions.  Place each 200 point value purchase as an individual purchase to qualify for multiple Deep Blue promotions.  You will only receive ONE Deep Blue promo per order.

200 PV Qualifying Orders

This in an awesome case of everyone gets one.  All orders 200 points value or higher will receive a doTERRA Deep Blue TOUCH and a Deep Blue rub.  Limit four.

Will an enrollment order qualify for Deep Blue promotion?

Yes.  Enrollment orders of 200 points value or higher qualify to receive the FREE Deep Blue rub and Deep Blue TOUCH.

Do Loyalty Rewards Orders Qualify?

Yes.  This is how I plan to order my own special.  Through purchasing 200 points value on my Loyalty Rewards order.  The free products will be added right into my shopping cart.  No need to do anything extra other than create a 200 points value order of any type.

Images To Use For Deep Blue Promo

Are you a doTERRA business builder looking for images to use to promote free Deep Blue March 2017?  Feel free to borrow mine,  I simply ask that you do not edit in any way.  I worked hard on them so I’d like to retain artistic credit!

doTERRA Deep Blue Promotion Rules March 2017

Rules & Terms

  • All orders must be placed and processed before March 31, at 11:59 pm MT to receive the free product.
  • Orders, once placed and processed, cannot be changed, adjusted, or combined to qualify for the promotion.
  • Orders placed outside the qualifying time period (March 1 – March 31, 2017) do not count toward the promotion.
  • PV is not equal to the cost of an order. Before completing an order, the individual ordering must verify that the order is at least 200 PV.
  • A single 200 PV order can only qualify for one promotional item. If an individual would like to earn the product up to four times, they must place four separate 200 PV orders.
  • Retail Customers, Wholesale Customers, and Preferred Members can qualify for the promotion by ensuring their order is at least 200 PV.
  • Any orders or items returned that result in the order going below the 200 PV requirement will have to return the free product or the product will be charged on the member’s account.

You may download this PDF guide of the official rules for the Deep Blue promotion.  Use for personal reference or to help your doTERRA team with understanding the rules for this 200 pv promo.

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