doTERRA Family Wellness Kit


doTERRA Family Wellness Kit

doTERRA Family Wellness Kit helps you safely and easily attend to the needs of your family with essential oils.  doTERRA TOUCH roller bottles are already safely pre-diluted for children and sensitive skin.  Just roll on and use topically.  Using essential oils is now so convenient!

doTERRA Family Wellness Kit doTERRA Family Wellness Kit helps you safely and easily attend to the needs of your family with essential oils. doTERRA TOUCH roller bottles are already safely pre-diluted for children and sensitive skin. Just roll on and use topically. Using essential oils is now so convenient!

Who should enroll with a doTERRA Family Wellness Kit?

  • Families with young children or elderly who will benefit from pre-dilution.
  • Essential oil beginners who are safety conscious and don’t want to worry about diluting their own oils just yet.  Let the experts at doTERRA take care of that!
  • You want convenience as a busy parent,  but to still provide natural solutions for your family.
  • Essential oils safe for children!
  • You prefer to use essential oils topically and enjoy the convenience of using roller bottles.

Does this sound like you?  Continue reading to learn more!

Not quite like you?  Don’t worry!  You may find the perfect kit in my blog post “doTERRA Kits For Wholesale Membership“.

Which Products are included in doTERRA Family Wellness Kit?

Family Wellness enrollment kit includes:

10 mL Bottles:

doTERRA Cheer Touch, doTERRA Peace Touch, doTERRA Breathe Touch, doTERRA Deep Blue Touch, doTERRA DigestZen Touch, doTERRA Frankincense Touch, doTERRA Lavender Touch, doTERRA Melaleuca Touch, doTERRA On Guard Touch, doTERRA Peppermint Touch

Other Products:

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®, PB Assist® Jr, doTERRA a2z Chewable™, Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet

How Much Does doTERRA Family Wellness Kit Cost?

The Family Wellness kit is $275.00.  This is a $99.00 savings and includes your doTERRA wholesale membership for a full year ($35 value!)  What a bargain to recieve a priceless natural healthcare option for you family.  I just love the ease and comfort of using essential oils in the privacy of my own home.

How Can I Enroll In doTERRA With Family Wellness Kit?

Wondering how to enroll with a doTERRA Family Wellness kit?  Here are the step by step instructions!

  • First,  visit my doTERRA website.
  • Next,  choose whether you want to enroll as a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate.
  • Verify enroller ID 764415 (Jason Dirks).  My husband and I share a doTERRA account because we are a husband and wife doTERRA team.  So it’s still me!  🙂
  • Next,  inside the shopping cart,  you will see a box highlighting the enrollment kits.  Choose doTERRA Family Wellness kit.  SKU number 60200542
  • Remember to check out fully!  You will receive and email with your enrollment and order confirmation.

Last,  if you get stuck or confused,  feel free to reference my video “How To Enroll With doTERRA”

How To Enroll With doTERRA Wholesale Membership from Betsy Dirks.

Welcome to doTERRA,  and to the Lavender Butterflies doTERRA team!  I’m thrilled for you!  Within a few days,  you will see an email message from me.  It will contain special instructions for accessing team only essential oil resources.  As a thank you for choosing my doTERRA team for your health and wellness goals,  you get the best I have to offer!  Those who enroll as a Wellness Advocate will have access to builder training also.

Can I buy Family Wellness Kit after enrolling?

Absolutely!  You may purchase any of the doTERRA kits at any time.  Simply add to your shopping cart the same as any other item.

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About Betsy Dirks

I strongly believe that you can fix anything with doTERRA essential oils and a fresh pot of coffee. I am a doTERRA representative local to Pennsylvania, Delaware, & Maryland.When I discovered essential oils three years ago, it was amazing to me how quickly and effectively I could experience the benefits of aromatherapy. The very first oil I used was lavender. I had been going through a difficult and stressful time in my life. As I began to use the lavender essential oil, I found it to be incredibly calming, quieting, and provide a much-needed sense of relaxation. At the same time, I remembered a vow I made as a kid to share whatever ended up making a difference for me with my various wellness challenges. And so my love of sharing essential oils was born!Not local, buy from my online doTERRA store and attend online essential oil classes through Facebook!