doTERRA Product Specials September 2016


doTERRA Product Specials September 2016 are here!  Keep reading to learn all about them,  with bonus usage tips!

doTERRA Product Specials September 2016

doTERRA Product Specials September 2016


Welcome to September,  essential oil lovers!  We are easing into the fall season here in gorgeous Oxford,  PA.  Kids are back in school,  and new routines are settling into place.  The sound of crunching autumn leaves,  taste of s’mores around the fall campfire,  and scents of cinnamon pumpkin everything are right around the corner.  Gorgeous weather,  and the doTERRA Product Specials September 2016 are already here!  I wouldn’t be doing my job as your essential oil guide if I didn’t tell you about these.  Let me tell you about why this the September doTERRA specials are such an amazing value,  and where to get all the good stuff!

Free Lemon Lavender And Peppermint With 160 Points Value Order Through September 15



Um guys?!  This is a $68.66 retail value.  For free.  Do you like free stuff?  Of course!  Kind of a no brainer,  right?  We can get this free doTERRA promotion for UP TO FOUR TIMES!  Lemon,  Lavender,  and Peppermint are three of the most popular essential oils in the world for a good reason!  Each oil is multi-purpose,  meaning it can be used for several different things.  I’m not sure if you’ve joined us over in Exploring Essential Oils yet,  but when you check out the events tab,  there is a whole free CLASS where I focused simply on the benefits of these free oils.  And you can get them for free with any single 160 pv order (limit four).   This time of year,  with the fall seasonal discomforts,  we are diffusing 2 drops of each oil in our AromaLite for an easy essential oil blend to help ease our seasonal discomfort.

10% Off DDR Prime Softgels


All the benefits of DDR Prime in an easy-to-swallow softgel


I can’t believe that I haven’t talked much yet about DDR Prime!  DDR Prime oil encourages healthy cellular activity.  This beautiful oil blend includes Frankincense, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Thyme, Summer Savory, Clove, and Niaouli essential oils.  Taking DDR Prime internally through a convenient soft gel is a great idea,  because the correct amount is already pre-measured for you.  How easy is that?  I take one DDR Prime softgel daily.


Member Only Loyalty Rewards Special


 Apply to fingernails and toenails after showering to purify and keep nails looking healthy

9 ml Melaleuca rollerball is our product of the month!  Yay!  A 16.67 retail value,  Melaleuca Touch is free with just 125 pv Loyalty Rewards placed on or before the 15th of September 2016.  I love these little doTERRA Touch roller balls.  They are so convenient,  already diluted with fractionated coconut oil,  and drippy free. (Who hasn’t accidentally dripped a little extra oil on her shirt front?  I know I do that alll the time!)  With the Touch roller balls,  there is zero mess.   Love that!  My favorite tip… rub the Melaleuca rollerball along your throat when you feel the need of a little extra immune support!  Also great to keep in your purse during the fall season if you have kids who play sports.  Melaleuca is a wonderful support to the skin.

doTERRA Product Specials September 2016 Are All Winners!

That’s the complete lineup!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek,  and if you’d like to shop,  I would love for you to visit my doTERRA site!

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My kindergartner is home now,  and I’m ready to get offline to go soak her up.  It’s been such a new experience having a kid in school!  I kind of like the freedom at the same time I kind of just MISS her.  The thing is,  she is really enjoying her teacher and class,  and learning and growing.  That’s just the best thing ever.

Until next time!

doTERRA Product Specials September 2016


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