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New Perspective Essential Oil blend. Combine doTERRA Balance and Frankincense. Apply to the bottom of your feet each morning.

This category of essential oils suggestions is for the purpose of help managing our everyday emotions.  Emotions are healthy,  and essential oils are simply a tool to help us be more open to experience positive emotions as we work to let go of negative emotions.

I have found writing in my journal while diffusing the appropriate essential oil to be a powerful tool with emotional work.  If you also keep a diary or journal,  you may enjoy browsing my Pinterest board that I keep on the topic for further ideas.

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I also have a page for adult coloring which you may enjoy.  Art engages different parts of the brain,  and it’s a really healthy practice to engage different parts of the brain and try new things.  Adult coloring is a really nice way to dip your toe in,  even if you aren’t very artistically inclined.  It might be nice for you to diffuse an essential oil while coloring.

Adult Coloring Pages

Adult Coloring Pinterest Board

We all go through times when we just need the help of an expert.  As much as I love essential oils for emotional work,  I am not a doctor or trained medically.  So if anything serious is going on,  I would urge you to work with a qualified therapist or doctor.  You could of course still use essential oils along with that,  as long as your doctor approves,  but with any type of serious concern,  it’s really important to do everything you can to take care of yourself and it’s just another way of working to keep healthy.  I also worked with a therapist during a difficult time period of my life,  and it’s never anything to be ashamed of to get a little help.  I value everything I learned from my therapist and use her techniques often.  Many therapists would even encourage the use of essential oils alongside more traditional options,  and this could be something to talk about at your appointment with them.

And so…  let’s get to the oils!  Below this page on the sidebar of the website,  you will find many suggestions of emotions you may experience from day to day life.  Click each emotion for appropriate oil suggestions.  You could try using any of these (or a combination of oils) either aromatically (through a diffuser) or topically (by applying the oil to your feet).  Another great way to use oils for emotional work is to dilute and apply topically over the heart.  Enjoy!


Peppermint essential oil

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