Essential Oil Party With Me


Essential oil party!  Sounds like fun,  right?  It is,  as well as an easy way to learn in a group environment.  Read to learn more!

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Essential Oil Party:  What Is it?

Essential oil parties (sometimes referred to as essential oil classes) are hosted either online or in person depending on your location and/or availability.  Hosting an essential oil party is the quickest and easiest way to begin learning about essential oils.  Fun and interactive,  these are very popular.  Also referred to as essential oil classes.  Bonus…  you can get free products depending on your party sales.  😉

Ready to set up an essential oil party to learn how to use essential oils? Contact me today and we can set up an online class!

Online Oil Class:  How Does That Work?

Interested in hosting a LIVE party online via Facebook,  and earning free essential oils?  Party in your jammies,  no clean up afterward,  what’s not to love? 🙂  We will do lots of games and prizes at our essential oil party,  but the most important thing you will come away with is a wealth of essential oil knowledge to apply the oils in your every day life.  Contact me today to book your date!  Or come on over to my online class group on Facebook to see classes in action before you commit to hosting!

How To Get Ready For An Essential Oil Party

When we chat,  I will give you some simple instructions to insure the maximum success of your online or in person oil class.  You will want to follow the hostess coaching carefully to have the best event yet!  It’ll be fun!  If you like to learn how to successfully invite,  I’m sure you would love reading The Secret To A Successful Essential Oil Class Invite.

About Betsy Dirks

I strongly believe that you can fix anything with doTERRA essential oils and a fresh pot of coffee. I am a doTERRA representative local to Pennsylvania, Delaware, & Maryland.When I discovered essential oils three years ago, it was amazing to me how quickly and effectively I could experience the benefits of aromatherapy. The very first oil I used was lavender. I had been going through a difficult and stressful time in my life. As I began to use the lavender essential oil, I found it to be incredibly calming, quieting, and provide a much-needed sense of relaxation. At the same time, I remembered a vow I made as a kid to share whatever ended up making a difference for me with my various wellness challenges. And so my love of sharing essential oils was born!Not local, buy from my online doTERRA store and attend online essential oil classes through Facebook!