Essential Oil Quality: Why Does It Matter?


Essential oil quality is actually a really big deal.  And it should be.  I can’t stress this point enough.  When I am talking about essential oils on this website,  I’m am ONLY talking about the high quality oils which meet the stringent requirements outlined below.  I am only talking about certified pure essential oils on this website.  That’s the only type of essential oil I am personally comfortable using,  both as a Mom and as a health conscious consumer.

ESSENTIAL OIL QUALITY: WHY DOES IT MATTER? Essential oil quality is actually a really big deal. And it should be. Sourcing and testing practices matter. Read more here...



Certified pure essential oils are both tested AND sourced properly.  The certified pure process may vary for different companies, but the doTERRA is very transparent about their testing and sourcing practices.  I actually did not find that same transparency in other companies I looked into,  which was a really big point for me!

I will be happy to provide that same information for you as your essential oil guide.  Just send me a note in the contact form at the bottom of this page and we can chat.  The company I use actually tests the essential oils with five different forms of testing.  On every single batch.  No other essential oil company in my research even came close.  This is a very important point to me as a Mom with young children.  We diffuse these oils constantly,  put them on our skin,  and as an adult I do occasionally ingest them for myself as needed (not the kids).  For these reasons,  essential oil purity matters to me.


On this website,  I am only referring to a certified pure grade essential oil,  which has almost nothing in common with a fragrance oil.  Fragrance oils can contain synthetics (most do!) and little to no plant material.  Fragrance oils are just as the name implies,  to smell good.  No other reason to use these.  A certified pure essential oil is strictly plant material.  That is a VERY big difference between fragrance and certified pure.  It would actually be a dangerous practice to use fragrance essential oils in the same way as the usage outline for certified pure essential oils.


I am also not talking about food grade essential oils on this website.  While food grade may be considered safe to ingest,  a food grade oil will not have the same therapeutic benefit as a certified pure essential oil.  Food grade essential oils may possibly contain contaminants.  Anything from pesticide residues,  other plant materials mixed in during the harvesting process,  or even lead from the soil could be present in a merely food grade oil!  Can we just say…. ummm…  Ewww??

ESSENTIAL OIL QUALITY: WHY DOES IT MATTER? Essential oil quality is actually a really big deal. And it should be. Sourcing and testing practices matter. Read more here...


Do you know where your essential oils come from?  This is really important.

Sourcing means where does the essential oil company buy their essential oils from?  There are a couple different ways companies can source their oils.  But first, let’s step back a minute,  and talk about barbecue.


Um,  yes…. you did read that right.  Texas barbecue.  To this day, this is the clearest way I can explain essential oil sourcing.  I’m from Pennsylvania,  and when I was first married to my husband,  we lived in Texas for three months.  I don’t know about you,  but once I tried Texan barbecue,  there simply was no going back.  Pennsylvanians don’t have a clue about barbeque.  And we don’t have the native beef,  either,  which is a key point with the flavor.  (Not bashing Pennsylvania,  which has its own redeeming qualities.)  We hit a LOT of barbecue places in Texas,  and they all had superior barbecue in common.  We literally didn’t find a bad barbecue restaurant in Texas,  because they possibly don’t exist.

So here’s your essential oil analogy.  There are simply parts of the world that excel at certain things.  You don’t argue it,  because it just is.  Texas for barbecue.  France for lavender essential oil.  Italy for your citrus essential oils.  Frankincense from Oman.  And so on.  You just can’t find a substitute for the quality of properly sourced essential oils.  You can’t grow in your backyard what nature placed in a different part of the world and get that exact quality.  It might grow,  yes.  But it will not have the same high quality chemical constituents as the properly sourced plant.  Both science and experience agree with me on this point.  Once you’ve experienced the quality of the oils from my favorite company,  you literally don’t look back.

So that’s sourcing in a nutshell.  Yes,  I still miss the barbecue…

ESSENTIAL OIL QUALITY: WHY DOES IT MATTER? Essential oil quality is actually a really big deal. And it should be. Sourcing and testing practices matter. Read more here...


Essential oil quality is the primary reason that I picked one exclusive essential oil company to shop from for myself and my own family.  I am confident in the safety and purity of the essential oils I purchase from this company.  After three years,  I know from personal experience that I can trust them to always have the best quality oils.  Don’t you want to also have the same security?  Contact me today,  and we can chat more.  As an essential oil representative,  and fellow Mom,  it’s important to me to help educate you on your best decision.


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