4 Easy Ways For Some ‘Me’ Time With Essential Oils


essential oils4 Easy Ways For Some 'Me' Time With Essential Oils

I am so excited to announce my very first post that will reside on someone else’s blog.  This is known in the blogging world as a guest blog post.  If you don’t blog,  and have no idea what I’m talking about… it’s kind of a big deal for bloggers to be asked to guest post.  It helps both bloggers rank higher with search engines,  such as Google,  which happens to be um…. fairly important.

For me though,  the biggest thing is it’s an amazing feeling when someone likes your work enough to want to put it on their own blog!  Huge,  huge,  honor to be asked to do a guest blog post!  This is why I’m so excitedly sharing this post that I wrote for my friend Tammy’s blog,  Jams & Scones.

Tammy has great info and tips for social media,  so be sure to check her site out!  I have learned a lot from her.  Click the picture to head on over to my guest post.

4 Easy Ways For Some ‘Me’ Time With Essential Oils

Guest Blog Post: 4 Easy Ways for Some 'Me' Time with Essential Oils

Enjoy…  I know you will love these simple pampering ideas,  as always!




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