Health Goal Setting Idea List


Health goal setting is a personal topic,  isn’t it?  We all need to decide what is best for our own health.  Each one of us chooses each day what we do to maintain or improve our physical and emotional health.  Something I’ve noticed, however,  is how doTERRA helps us meet these personal wellness goals consistently.  Think of your doTERRA membership as a toolbox with wonderful equipment to help you meet and maintain your health goals.

Health Goal Setting. Goal setting ideas for your health. Huge list of 56 reachable health goal ideas for adults and families. Lots of tips for incorporating a healthy lifestyle into your year! Click here to read the blog post and get your goal setting tips!

Why Health Goals Often Fail

Goals are hard without the proper tools to make them happen,  aren’t they?  For example,  you need a little help with food cravings instead of quitting sugar cold turkey.  You might think about doTERRA’s weight loss products which are completely safe and natural.  Slim and Sassy oil,  for example,  is only Grapefruit,  Cinnamon,  Lemon,  Ginger,  & Peppermint essential oils.  We have a whole weight loss line from doTERRA to help you succeed with the popular weight loss health goal.

Health Goal Setting Idea List

I’ve compiled a Health Goal Setting Idea List for you to gain inspiration from in 2017!  The idea of this list is to help you find the right tools to succeed.  Equip yourself with the right tools in 2017 for health goal success!  These are all health tips I use myself.

List of 56 reachable health goal ideas with tips

  • Weight loss – Slim & Sassy essential oil blend,  Trim Shakes,  Control bars,  Control Instant mix
  • Juicing for optimal nutrition –  juicing with a juicer (affiliate link,  this is the juicer I have and use myself)
  • Detox my body – doTERRA cleanse products (GX Assist,  PB Assist,  Zendocrine,  LLV)
  • Drink more water – add oils for flavor,  and additional health benefits.  You will also want to read my post about “Tips To Drink Enough Water”
  • Focus on nutrition – supplement with LLV to ensure balance in your daily nutritional intake
  • Be healthier – adopt the doTERRA lifestyle,  simply start using the products
  • Be in shape – Peppermint to motivate,  use Deep Blue to recover muscles,  Mito2Max for energy and endurance
  • More energy – LLV,  peppermint & wild orange,  doTERRA cleanses,  Mito2Max
  • Sleep soundly – Lavender,  LLV,  Vetiver,  Serenity blend and supplements
  • Keep a daily journal about your day – This one is super cute (affiliate link)
  • Keep a food journal – This one looks amazing!  (affiliate link)
  • Procrastinate less – Use doTERRA Motivate blend
  • Smile more – emotional oils
  • Eat more veggies – Use a food processor (affiliate link for the same one I have),  to “sneak” chopped veggies into everyday cooking,   LLV supplements to ensure a balanced daily nutritional intake
  • Eat more fruits – smoothies (here is the affiliate link for the exact blender I use),  Add trim shake and/or oils to smoothies for additional benefits,  take your LLV for balanced daily intake
  • Increase probiotics – doTERRA PB Assist (consider cleansing with GX Assist first),  doTERRA kids probiotics,  kombucha.  You may also enjoy this post from my friend Tammy over at Jams & Scones,  Kefir Benefits: 7 Things You Should Know About Kefir
  • Be more present – Use emotional oils
  • Travel more – explore the doTERRA business opportunity!
  • Brush and floss daily – Use OnGuard toothpaste
  • Oil pull daily – Use organic coconut oil,  add Myrrh to support gums,  On Guard,  Lemon to whiten teeth
  • Immune system health – On Guard daily on feet
  • Decrease environmental toxicity – diffuse essential oils,  make your own household cleaners with essential oils or use doTERRA On Guard line for cleaning
  • Daily supplement – LLV,  doTERRA women’s supplements
  • Balanced hormones – LLV,  doTERRA women’s supplements,  ClaryCalm, clary sage
  • Better skin – Cleanse with doTERRA cleanse products,  melaleuca essential oil,  doTERRA skincare products
  • Eat fewer sweets – slim & sassy,  grapefruit oil
  • Kick caffeine – mito2max for sustainable energy through the day,  peppermint & wild orange for a quick boost as needed
  • Wake up earlier – get restful sleep with lavender and Serenity supplement,  use peppermint and doTERRA elevation blend first thing in the morning when you wake up
  • 10 minutes of relaxation every day – Use lavender on your temples and inhale deeply
  • Let go of negative feelings – Cardamom,  Forgive,  Console essential oil blends
  • Deep breathing – Diffuse eucalyptus,  peppermint,  or spearmint
  • Take power naps – Diffuse Roman Chamomile,  lavender,  Serenity.  Use a sound machine (affiliate link to the exact sound machine we use for our son) to block out daytime noises.
  • Control your spending –  On Guard,  Melaleuca,  Clove,  Oregano,  or Cardamom to support healthy emotional boundaries
  • Find a new hobby – Learn about natural health and begin sharing your success with others.  This is my favorite hobby!
  • Ditch soda – citrus oils in water,  Mito2Max,  slim and sassy caplets
  • Eat more salads – add a citrus oil to your dressing for fresh and delicious zing!
  • Drink more herbal teas – Oils such as bergamot,  lemon,  add additional flavor and health benefits to your teas!
  • Spend more time outside – sunlight is good for you and it’s free!
  • Join a health program – doTERRA membership gives you the tools and support you need
  • Less worry and stress – Peppermint oil,  Serenity blend,  Balance blend
  • Be more passionate about life – Passion blend,  LLV to balance physical and emotional health
  • Pay more attention to the little things – InTune Focus Blend,  peppermint
  • Feel better overall – LLV,  use oils daily,  monthly or bi-monthly doTERRA cleanse
  • Increase self-confidence – Bergamot,  Cassia,  Spearmint,  Roman Chamomile,  Lavender
  • Take care of myself better – a doTERRA membership and use products daily
  • Eat better – sneak in your veggies!  I use this food processor (affiliate link).  Use organic foods.
  • Make new friends – sharing your essential oils and experiences is a fantastic way to create lasting friendships!
  • Stretch daily – soothe muscles with deep blue before or after stretching.
  • Take more baths – no,  really!  Take a detox bath with 1 cup Epsom salts and 10 drops of essential oil at least 1-2x a week
  • Healthier family – incorporating doTERRA into your daily routine benefits everyone!  Get a diffuser.  Every time you diffuse an essential oil for yourself,  your whole family benefits!
  • Pamper more – Try the doTERRA spa products which have no toxins in them.  You may also enjoy reading “Pampering Mom – Five Easy & Affordable Ideas”
  • Physical comfort care – LLV,  Deep Blue,  Wintergreen,  Marjoram
  • Do something crafty – try out a DIY essential oil recipe,  such as a sugar scrub
  • Be calmer – vetiver,  in tune,  lavender,  roman chamomile
  • Create a daily self-care ritual using essential oils for targeted wellness goals
  • Decrease chemicals – Check the ingredients of your household products,  make your own DIY household recipes,  the doTERRA spa soaps and shampoo are only scented with essential oils,  replace scented candles with a diffuser and essential oils,  use the all natural and safe doTERRA OnGuard cleaning line

 * Weight loss * Juicing for optimal nutrition * Detox my body * Drink more water * Focus on nutrition * Be healthier * Be in shape * More energy * Sleep soundly * Keep a daily journal about your day * Keep a food journal * Procrastinate less * Smile more * Eat more veggies * Eat more fruits * Increase probiotics * Be more present * Travel more * Brush and floss daily * Oil pull daily * Immune system health * Decrease environmental toxicity * Daily supplement * Balanced hormones * Better skin * Eat fewer sweets * Kick caffeine * Wake up earlier * 10 minutes of relaxation every day * Let go of negative feelings * Deep breathing * Take power naps * Control your spending * Find a new hobby * Ditch soda * Eat more salads * Drink more herbal teas * Spend more time outside * Join a health program * Less worry and stress * Be more passionate about life * Pay more attention to the little things * Feel better overall * Increase self-confidence * Take care of myself better * Eat better * Make new friends * Stretch daily * Take more baths * Healthier family * Pamper more * Physical comfort care * Do something crafty * Be calmer * Create a daily self-care ritual * Decrease chemicals

Community Support Increases Health Goal Setting Success

It makes sense,  doesn’t it?  Community support increases health goal setting success. We cheer for each other,  support each other,  and gain accountability within a community environment.  I’ve created a free Facebook community called Exploring Essential Oils.  We are all cheering for each other here.  It’s all about tea around the kitchen table and chats with a friend.  We are all in this health journey together.  Community increases the chances of your health goals being successful long term.  Click here to come on over and join us!

Health Goal Setting Is Long Term

In conclusion,  adopting any health goal is best achieved as a long term goal.  Successful health goals are set with the mindset of thinking long-range.  When we think only for a week or month out,  we aren’t setting ourselves up for true success.  We want to feel healthy all the time,  instead of a week or two!

Bonus Tip For Health Goal Setting

My bonus tip:  Instead of trying to adopt that whole big list up there,  just concentrate on a handful of small goals.  Once you have those into a habit,  you can include others.  What will be your primary health goal for 2017?  I’m so excited for you,  with the right tools you are going to do awesome with whatever you choose!


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