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Print this handy chart to track how many glasses of water you drink in a day!

Many times people tell me,  “I know I should drink more water,  but I just don’t really like water.”   There is a solution!  A friend of mine told me recently that all of her life,  she just didn’t like the “taste” of water,  but once she started adding Wild Orange essential oil to her water,  she found herself drinking the amounts she should.  She also felt better for that extra hydration in her body.

Please note that you should ONLY ingest an essential oil that is CLEARLY marked with a supplements facts label.  DO NOT ingest an oil that is a fragrance oil,  or otherwise not clearly marked for internal use.  There is no company whose oils are ALL safe for internal use.  For example,  some oils such a Cypress,  would never be safe to ingest,  because… hey… you wouldn’t ingest the plant,  so don’t ingest the oil.  Just look for the label,  and you will be fine.

One more thing.  Before we get into recipes and ideas for adding oils to your water glass (along with other cool ideas,  such as fruits and veggies),  I really need to talk about common sense.  Essential oils are concentrated by nature.  Concentrated means you need very little to get an effect.  It’s actually one of the coolest things about essential oils,  because it makes them work very quickly.  However it’s just something you need to be aware of in using them so you don’t overwhelm your body with too much of a good thing all at once.  So all of that means you only need tiny amounts to get the taste and any other type of benefit you are going after for your body.  A few drops is more than sufficient to flavor a whole PITCHER of water,  and you really don’t need to add that much to every glass.  😉  If you’d like to flavor just one glass at a time,  here’s a trick for you.

The trick is this.  Get a toothpick!  What?  No seriously,  get a toothpick.  Did you know that you can dip a toothpick down into the oil bottle and then swirl the toothpick around in your glass?  This will be more than enough to add a little flavor to your water.  Enjoy it!

In the rest of this section,  you will find some suggestion combinations to try out!


essential oils

Peppermint essential oil

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