Journal Prompts For Mothers



Journal Prompts:  What Are They?

Do you journal?  I discovered journaling as a child.  I was a pretty shy kid,  and writing offered me an outlet to express my feelings.  As early as fourth grade,  I kept a journal!  I remember begging my Mom for it in JCPenney’s store.  It was crucial to me to buy this little pink and white journal with a kitty on the front.  I think I remember even crying over it!  I promptly named my pink kitty journal “Chippy”,  short for “Chipmunk” (Um,  I was only in fourth grade,  give me a break!)  From that time on,  I have always turned to writing when feelings become to big.  Writing has been a lifelong passion,  for sure!

76 Gorgeous Journal Prompts For Mothers PinterestAbout ten years ago,  I joined an online journaling group.  Through that group,  I learned about journal prompts.  I sometimes like to call them “thought starters” which may be a clearer description. You don’t need to stay within a bunch of guidelines.  Just write about whatever comes to mind from the journal prompt.  What does the prompt make you think of,  or what is the answer to the prompt?  You can always elaborate to explore things a little deeper.  As women,  it’s really helpful to have an outlet like this.  I find for myself that journaling is especially valuable in helping me to not bottle up my emotions!  It can be amazing at the thoughts that come out during the free write process.  Once I write about it,  I can better let go of whatever happened to be bugging me.  Pretty cool stuff.  And now… our journal prompts!!!



P.S.  Don’t worry if writing isn’t your thing,  you can still use these.  They make great conversation starters,  especially with the kids.  Isn’t it always so interesting to see what kids have to say about stuff?


76 Gorgeous Journal Prompts For Mothers

76 Gorgeous Journal Prompts For Mothers

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