Mindset Habits: 7 Daily Positive Actions


Mindset Habits: 7 Daily Positive Actions

Mindset habits can be positive or negative.  I find that I need to work daily on developing my own mindset.  A positive mindset won’t happen overnight.  However,  all the hard work is worth it!

Mindset habits. Does that sound strange to you? It actually shouldn't! Because our mindset really is a habit... be it positive or negative. Read further to learn about the habits I use and work on developing my own mindset, constantly! It won't happen overnight, but developing new mindset habits are worth it! Your brain will be far happier when it adopts positive mindset habits, and so will you. Your mindset affects your whole life, so let's make it a positive one!

Mindset Is A Habit:  Practical Example

Did you know that you can train your brain to adopt a positive or a negative mindset?  This is similar to teaching my children positive habits.  I constantly remind them to put their shoes in the closet.  With my own mindset,  I constantly reinforce positive thinking.  If I let my kids get away with leaving their shoes on the white carpet,  it keeps on happening.  If I let my brain get away with thinking negatively,  it continues on that downward spiral.  As you can imagine,  positive habits are constantly encouraged.  Mindset comes down to habits!  Let’s explore this further.

Mindset Habits: 7 Daily Positive Actions

Next,  I’m going to share 7 positive mindset habits you could think about creating for yourself.  These daily positive actions will encourage a healthy mindset in your everyday life.

Mindset Habit 1:  Daily Gratitude Journaling

Daily gratitude journaling is a practice I adopted several years ago,  I was going through a difficult time.  Some close friends in a journal group encouraged me to look outside of what was going “wrong” in my life.  By teaching me to focus on positivity,  they helped me immensely.

Gratitude journaling does not need to be complicated.  First,  grab a piece of paper.  Next,  number it from 1-10.  Finally,  list everything you are thankful for.  Everything counts.  Even something as basic as food or shelter is something to be grateful for and celebrate.

Mindset Habit 2:  Seek Out Friends Who Lift You Up

Several months ago,  I was invited to join a secret group with a few direct sales friends.  It is a safe place where we can vent.  We can totally be ourselves.  The only rule is that we are supportive and non-judgemental of each other.  By joining this group,  I stumbled into a warm and nurturing atmosphere.  I found friendships with one criteria only.  To lift each other up.  It’s a beautiful space to have.  Seek out friends and safe spaces which allow you to be lifted up.

If you don’t have a group like this,  consider creating one!  Our group creator needed a safe venting space and online friendships.  She did a big brave and simply opened up the opportunity to anyone who wanted to join.  Once a handful of us joined,  she closed her thread and made the group secret.  That became the tight circle we now treasure!  You can create a group,  too!

Mindset Habit 3:  Catch Negative Self-Talk & Change It!

This was an incredibly hard mindset habit for me to adopt.  It took years to stop talking negatively to myself.  When you are in a cycle of putting yourself down,  it’s hard to stay positive.  Talking negative is a habit,  however!  And we know habits can be changed.

First,  simply observe your mindset about yourself, without judgment.  Allow your thoughts to flow freely.  As you begin observing yourself in this way,  it will become easier to gently start to change your negative self-talk to positive.  Next,  start noticing the good about yourself!  Allow yourself to feel good about yourself with that same sense of observance and lack of self-judgment.  Continue this pattern.  Reinforce multiple times each day!

Mindset Habit 4:  Find A Coach Or Mentor Who Talks Positively

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have a social media coach to help me rock my doTERRA direct sales business!  I was attracted to Brenda Ster as a social media coach (affiliate link) because of her bright bubbly smile.  On daily Periscopes,  she is constantly looking for the bright side.  I found that her attitude started rubbing off on me.  I started to believe in myself!  Find someone to listen to,  a coach or some other positive speaker.  Listening to someone being so positive helped me begin to make changes.  Find someone who is purely motivational to you and your situation.  Adopt this habit daily!

Mindset Habit 5:  Reward Yourself For Positive Mindset Changes

Next,  let’s take the analogy of my kids putting away their shoes further.  What happens each day my kindergartner comes home from school?  She still doesn’t automatically put her shoes in the closet.  We are working on this habit,  it’s a process.  Remembering is not coming easily to her.  I gently nudge her with a verbal reminder every day.  With time,  she will get it.  Right now,  I hear “Oh,  yes!  I forgot!”  Then she quickly puts her shoes in the closet.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to,  she just hasn’t developed the habit!  You will find much the same process with developing your mindset.  It takes persistence.  I liberally praise my kids when they remember,  though.  You deserve a bit of praise,  too!  What are some healthy ways you could reward yourself?

Mindset Habit 6:  Use Essential Oils Daily As A Tool

One of the top tools in my positive mindset tool box are pure essential oils!  My favorite blend for helping me be positive is Cheer.  I dab a little bit behind my ears.  I also love Hope blend.  Elevation is another uplifting choice.  Find essential oils whose aroma just makes you smile!  Use often!

Mindset Habit 7:  Measure Your Progress!

Do you journal?  Or keep any other record of your progress?  This is so important!  Give yourself kudos for how far you’ve come.  Set goals.  Track them.  And see just how far you can go.  Measuring your progress will help you celebrate your positive mindset as it grows.  Track your successes daily.  No matter how small or large, progress is progress.  Celebrate it!

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