Our Unique Gifts


Tonight I am thinking about unique gifts.  This site came to be by combining my love of writing,  making great images,  and essential oils.  My love and knowledge of natural health comes from my lifetime of experiences and the challenges I’ve faced.  Obstacles overcome,  and the tools I found and incorporated along the way.  These are only a few of life’s gifts to me.

I want you to think about your own gifts.  What do you hold inside that is unique,  precious,  and individual to your own experience?  What do you hold that comes from lessons learned,  and how can you translate that into value for others?

Life is in part about giving.  When we are giving,  it’s a state of existence that brings about joy.  I choose to give some of my time towards this blog,  as a way to gift you with my knowledge of essential oils and simple natural health.  I choose to give empathy because of my own tough experiences.  I choose to give a smile,  because it’s within my power to give.

What are you wanting to give?  What do you have of value to share with the world?  Because we all do have something.  Take time to reflect,  what really matters in the core of yourself?  These are clues to special talents that we each have to give.

Even just time.  Time is a precious gift to give to individuals everywhere.  Time spent to make someone feel valued and heard.  Spend time with a friend or family member and be truly present with that person.  Put down the cell phone,  engage in a real conversation,  and listen.  That is a gift that anyone could give to another.

Tonight my gift to you is this blog entry.  Just a small tasting of my own personal thoughts,  on life,  and experiences,  and the gifts which come through living.

Until next time….


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About Betsy Dirks

I strongly believe that you can fix anything with doTERRA essential oils and a fresh pot of coffee. I am a doTERRA representative local to Pennsylvania, Delaware, & Maryland.When I discovered essential oils three years ago, it was amazing to me how quickly and effectively I could experience the benefits of aromatherapy. The very first oil I used was lavender. I had been going through a difficult and stressful time in my life. As I began to use the lavender essential oil, I found it to be incredibly calming, quieting, and provide a much-needed sense of relaxation. At the same time, I remembered a vow I made as a kid to share whatever ended up making a difference for me with my various wellness challenges. And so my love of sharing essential oils was born!Not local, buy from my online doTERRA store and attend online essential oil classes through Facebook!