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Personal branding is a “hot topic” in the world of social media.  Everyone who sells something in the online world is after it.  This is because it’s important,  and also pretty cool!  Here are a few of my thoughts on personal branding for social media.

Personal Branding For Your Social Media Or Direct Sales Business Is More Than A Logo Or Cutesy Phrase A brand is more than a logo, and far more than a color, or a cutesy phrase. These are considered elements of your brand. However, building a brand as a whole is made of many different parts. In the following sections, I'm going to briefly touch on some of the key elements to personal branding. Click to read more, your doTERRA business will thank you for these tips!

Personal Branding Is More Than A Logo Or Cutesy Phrase

A brand is more than a logo,   a color,  or a cutesy phrase.  These are considered elements of your brand.  However,  building a brand as a whole is made of many different parts.  In the following sections,  I’m going to briefly touch on some of the key elements to personal branding.

Personal Branding Is Highly Visual

This is,  perhaps,  the most obvious.  Most people are visual,  and online sales is a visual market.  Your personal branding needs to be appealing,  or your target audience will simply scroll right on by.  A visually appealing brand,  however,  will draw the eye to stop,  and read,  and click.  Tip:  A branding board will help,  if you feel challenged in this direction!

Second,  you want people to think of YOU when they see a certain type of visual.  Whether that is a color,  or type of border,  or particular font on your graphics,  this element will be something you consistently use.  As you build content volume,  your visual brand will become recognizable.  For example,  I ALWAYS use a purple border,  and muted imagery on my own graphics.  In addition,  I stick to just a few favorite fonts.  I want people to begin to recognize my graphics style as “that doTERRA oil girl blogger”.  I use the same type of graphics with everything,  across ALL of my social media channels.

Good Personal Branding Contains An Emotional Element

My own branding has been described as soothing,  and calming.  That description utterly delighted me.  I love to think that my visual brand and brand content could bring a peaceful feeling.  Since my primary audience are busy women,  especially mothers,  I love making her feel a bit calmer and soothed by my personal branding.  This is a positive emotional connection for her to have with my brand,  as it ties into self care and taking care of herself.  I also bring kindness into my brand as an emotional element.  Kindness is a character element that is important to me,  and this in turn shows through my emotional branding.

I would love for you click here to check out how my own style of personal branding works.  This is my free Facebook group,  Exploring Essential Oils.  I share valuable tips about natural health,  quotes to inspire a healthy mindset,  and of course… essential oil tips!

For your own branding,  just think about what you would like your own audience to feel!  How you want your audience to feel then ties into your branding elements.  Your personal branding should speak to your ideal audience in this way to create an emotional connection of your choosing.

Good Personal Branding Tells Your Story

I happen to love essential oils,  coffee,  and the color purple.  Maybe you are catching onto that as you read my blog posts,  and interact in my Facebook community.  They are elements of ME,  as well as elements that I am carefully weaving into my brand.

When considering your personal to you brand elements,  think about what your average day looks like.  What is consistent in that day?  For example,  even though I like tea,  it’s not a part of my brand,  because I happen to LOVE coffee.  I drink tea “sometimes”,  but I have my coffee EVERY DAY.  Do you see the difference?

If you are struggling with this step,  you might ask a close friend,  or your own social media community what comes to mind when they think of you.  A session with a social media coach would also help.  This would be a fantastic starting point in identifying your own unique brand elements.  Once you have identified your personal elements,  it’s simply a matter of highlighting them,  often.

Personal Branding Must Be Consistent

This is KEY!  A personal brand may take months or even years to develop.  I guarantee that you cannot build a solid personal brand in two weeks.  I would advise finding something you LOVE,  and can be happy using for a long time to come.  That’s why I chose purple as a part of my brand,  because it happens to be my favorite color!  And coffee,  because no matter how healthy I get,  coffee will always be my indulgence.  The essential oil part should already be sort of obvious,  since it’s my product!  🙂

Your Personal Branding May Evolve

Because your personal brand is about,  well,  you...  with time you may notice small (or big!) changes to where you want your personal branding to go.  This is perfectly fine,  and not something to be overly concerned about.  A brand just starts somewhere,  and then you hone those elements over and over until you are happy with them!  That means evolving will take place,  and this is actually a good thing.  As your personal brand evolves,  you are learning what works,  and what doesn’t.  Keep what does,  and discard what doesn’t.

Additional Questions To Consider

What’s your personal brand?  How is your brand conveyed visually?  How does your brand “speak” to you audience?  Does your brand even attract your ideal client?  How do I know if I have a good brand?  What colors or symbolic icon should I choose for my branding?  Do I need one of those cute little artist characters for my brand?  So many questions to consider!   Unfortunately,  there are no solid answers I can give you to,  because every person’s brand is unique.  For that reason,  I would highly recommend a group coaching session with Brenda Ster of Sassy Suite to tease out these types of answers.

My Recommendation For Personal Branding Coaching (Affiliate Link)

I teamed up with Brenda Ster over at Sassy Suite as an affiliate,  simply because I adore what she has to offer.  She in turn,  teamed up with me,  because she likes to showcase her clients!  Here’s a little secret.  Everything I learned about social media and blogging for direct sales,  I learned from Brenda Ster.  She consistently offers high value,  and I have never left a coaching session without a full notebook of excellent homework.  Homework which has helped me over and over again as I build my personal brand,  and overall social media strategy.

My Personal Branding Coaching Experience With Brenda

The personal branding video coaching was one of my first trainings over at Sassy Suite.  I didn’t know much about social media at all,  and Brenda’s personal branding call helped me COMPLETELY define my ideal customer.  Before the Zoom call,  I had no idea what an ideal customer even was,  let alone what mine looked like.  Brenda also helped me figure out that my brand should have a unique “voice”,  and how personal branding helps convey my voice to my audience.  Then as my understanding of personal branding grew,  I referred often back to my notes from the Zoom session to fill in the other elements of my personal branding.

Here is a direct link to the training:  Group Coaching:  Personal Branding

A Word Of Encouragement

I know this was a really big topic to cover,  and we talked about a lot of different details.  I don’t want this to feel discouraging or overwhelming to you!  Remember,  any starting point is exactly where everyone else was,  once.  No matter where you are in your own personal branding journey,  I just know you are going to ROCK this!  Tell Brenda I said “Hi!” when you do the group coaching.  <3

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