Developing A Positive Mindset


Developing a positive mindset is a really huge part of taking care of ourselves naturally.  When we have a healthy attitude towards self care,  and a positive mindset around our wellness goals,  they become attainable.  When we first realize that we need to set wellness goals,  it can feel literally overwhelming!

In this busy day and age,  it’s so easy to neglect ourselves,  and then end up wondering,  “What happened?”  “How did I get to this point?”  and “Where do I go from here?”

The solution is simple,  really.  Just start somewhere.  Where you pick to start doesn’t even really matter.  Pick one place,  and simply start.  Once you’ve gotten started,  you can keep building on that foundation.  It really isn’t hard,  and you deserve to take care of yourself and your health.

One of the things I have noticed with taking care of our health naturally is how everything ties together.  It’s not any one single thing that helps to maintain good health,  but a wide variety of things.  Things that anyone can do.  Eat healthy and clean,  exercise,  use natural solutions such as essential oils,  drinking plenty of water,  and keeping a positive mindset are all powerful,  but often overlooked.

In maintaining a positive mindset,  my favorite tools are outlined below:

inspirational quotes (start a Pinterest board!),  journaling,

using essential oils for maintaining healthy emotions

,  and eating right.  A foundation of healthy nutrition is very important for our overall brain and nervous system health.  Check out my Preservative Free section to get started with that.

To help uplift your mood right away,  I would suggest putting an appropriate essential oil in your diffuser and reading through the quotes below.  You might even journal a bit about any thoughts that come to mind.  Enjoy!


I hope you found this post helpful,  and would love to meet you over in my free Facebook group,  Exploring Essential Oils!


About Betsy Dirks

I strongly believe that you can fix anything with doTERRA essential oils and a fresh pot of coffee. I am a doTERRA representative local to Pennsylvania, Delaware, & Maryland.When I discovered essential oils three years ago, it was amazing to me how quickly and effectively I could experience the benefits of aromatherapy. The very first oil I used was lavender. I had been going through a difficult and stressful time in my life. As I began to use the lavender essential oil, I found it to be incredibly calming, quieting, and provide a much-needed sense of relaxation. At the same time, I remembered a vow I made as a kid to share whatever ended up making a difference for me with my various wellness challenges. And so my love of sharing essential oils was born!Not local, buy from my online doTERRA store and attend online essential oil classes through Facebook!