Preservative Free Breads


Ahhhh….  who doesn’t love bread?  While many diets cut out gluten,  I found that my body functions just fine with wheat in my diet.  You will know if wheat is a trigger for you or not,  and can adjust accordingly.  For me,  it doesn’t happen to be.  So it didn’t make a lot of sense to give up something that isn’t a problem.  All of these recipes will include wheat as a primary ingredient.

Organic,  however,  becomes very important when we are on the topic of flours.  My body reacts completely differently to organic and non-organic wheat flour.  This means to keep optimal wellness,  I simply must use organic flour in my recipes.  The same is true of sugar.  Use only organic wheat and use only organic sugar.  Also make sure that you are buying organic products with single ingredients.  This means that you will want to buy flour without the added vitamins.  For me,  those added vitamins proved to be problematic because many of them can be derived from problem foods,  such as soy or fish.

If your wellness goals include soy free or fish free,  you will find my recipes to be the perfect fit.  No soy and no fish.  Ever.  And now….  The recipes!!!!



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