Tips To Drink Enough Water


Are you taking a 30 day water challenge,  or just want to drink more water because you know it’s healthy for you?  I have some great tips to help you stay on track.


It was extremely interesting for me to realize that with a large drinking glass,  you are actually getting way more than eight ounces of water at a time.  In fact, it’s nearly double that amount!  Try this.  Measure eight ounces of water into a liquid measuring cup,  and then pour that amount into a glass.  This will give you a really good idea of how full you need the glass to be in order to accomplish your goals.

This may be easier than you think!

Measure the water for your whole day into a clear container to easily track your progress.  If you tend to be rushed in the morning,  you could even measure out your water for the next day in the evening.  This will help you to be better prepared the next day.

Keep a water bottle in your car.  Create a goal to finish it before you reach your destination,  and refill it before you head back home!

Maintain a tracking system or checklist.  You could also use a phone app to track your water consumption if you are more of a digital person.

Great article on hydration tips

Getting an accountability buddy may help you to stay on track.  Don’t be afraid to ask a friend to help.  They may benefit from drinking more water,  too!

Pay attention to the cues your body gives.  You may be surprised at the many benefits you likely will notice from drinking the recommended amount of water every day.

Do keep in mind that this isn’t a race,  and you don’t need to go from zero to eight in a single day.  Slow and steady is always best with any health changes,  to give your body time to adjust.  The slow and steady habit will also help you to sustain your new habit.

If you do not enjoy the taste (or lack of taste!),  it is okay to flavor your water with something healthy.  I often enjoy adding frozen fruit to my water,  and this gives extra nutrients for your body,  too.

You can find a recipe for fruit infused water on this post:


Refreshing Flavored Water Recipe

You could also add essential oils to water for flavor and additional health benefits.  Popular oils to add to your drinking water include lemon,  wild orange,  peppermint,  metabolic blend or any other that are your personal preference.  Don’t be afraid to experiment!  Just today I was enjoying a drop each of peppermint and wild orange essential oil in my own water glass.

Read more about adding essential oils to your water glass here:

Adding Essential Oils To Your Water

Last but not least,  don’t forget to reward yourself for the new habit of drinking eight glasses a day.  This is an accomplishment to be proud of.  Celebrate it!



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