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Buy doTERRA Basil (15 ml)


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Buy doTERRA Basil Essential Oil

Buy doTERRA Basil 15 ml to give this herbal and energizing essential oil a try! You will love the invigorating benefits.

Ingredient: 100% pure doTERRA CPTG Basil (Ocimum basilicum) essential oil.

All about Basil essential oil

doTERRA Basil Essential Oil

Basil essential oil has a wonderful herbal aroma. It reminds me of that fresh smell when you accidentally crush herbs underfoot in the garden. Diffuse Basil when you need a perk.

BASIL Reviews

  • Basil and Peppermint over my adrenals for ongoing support and a mid-day boost.” – doTERRA Customer Kim
  • Diffuse for focus!” – doTERRA Customer Crystal
  • “I use it in my water when making noodles for spaghetti and in my sauce.” – doTERRA Customer Leah
  • “My husband loves this oil. Every time he starts feeling discomfort in his ear he applies it around the outside of both ears and it clears right up. This use to be a huge issue for him.” – doTERRA Consultant Denise
  • “Used it not too long ago, with pink pepper, in some mini egg scramble quiche type things. Delicious!” – doTERRA Customer Carrie
  • “I use it on sides of my nose to help support with sinus.” – d0TERRA Consultant Ray
  • “Basil makes me feel so calm. I use it when I feel overstimulated or fatigued for support.” – doTERRA Customer Gina