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Buy doTERRA Black Pepper (5 ml)


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Buy doTERRA Black Pepper Essential Oil

Buy doTERRA Black Pepper 5 ml to give this mild spice essential oil a try! You will love the healthy benefits of it.

Ingredient: 100% pure doTERRA CPTG Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) essential oil.

All about Black Pepper essential oil

doTERRA Black Pepper Essential Oil

When I feel a bit of lingering tension in my head or neck, I reach for my Black Pepper oil. Just a small drop across my forehead or along the back of my neck feels so relaxing and helps my body release any tension that it was holding onto. I encourage you to try it sometime!

Black Pepper Reviews

  • I use a drop in Guacamole with cilantro and lime oil, yum!” – doTERRA Customer Elizabeth
  • Black Pepper is great this time of year to warm up hands and feet. Just massage in with Fractionated Coconut Oil and enjoy the warmth.” – doTERRA Customer Alycia
  • “As soon as I opened it and smelled it I fell in love with it. I use it in cooking all the time, or I just open it up and breathe it in!” – doTERRA Customer Anne
  • “I like it on my sore joints” – doTERRA Consultant Tracy
  • “I used it for my back labor with our son! It made such a big difference! He was our 3rd and I always have back labor but this last time was definitely the easiest!” – doTERRA Customer Emma Mae
  • “I love to diffuse with grapefruit for focus and to boost my immune system.” – d0TERRA Consultant Kelli
  • “I use every morning in my veggie cap for cellular support and immune system.” – doTERRA Customer Cindi