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Buy doTERRA Blue Tansy (5 ml)


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Buy doTERRA Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Buy doTERRA Blue Tansy 5 ml to give this soothing essential oil a try! The color is blue, and it’s great for your skin!

Ingredient: 100% pure doTERRA CPTG Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) essential oil.

All about Blue Tansy essential oil

doTERRA Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Blue Tansy oil benefits your immune system and your mood. It should be used daily for these areas of support. It’s also great for skin!

Blue Tansy Reviews

  • “I’m starting to feel the energy rising each day. This morning I beefed it up and layered Blue Tansy with Balance.” – doTERRA Customer Joni
  • Day 6. My job is extremely stressful this week. I cannot say that I’m feeling on top of the world but I do feel like I was able to accomplish what I did today a little easier and I was not exhausted when I came home tonight.” – doTERRA Customer Janis
  • “I now have a new step in my daily routine. Staying motivated and living with intent.” – doTERRA Customer Sally
  • “I’m getting so much done that has needed to be attended to for quite awhile, I’m not playing it safe anymore, buying business aids, getting things organized. Its like the mind and heart have made a connection. I don’t get annoyed with things not going my way. I just move onto the next task. I’m getting things accomplished instead of just being busy. I’m finding I like being me. It’s hard to describe but the feeling of being right where I’m supposed to be and not feeling weird. Its a lot! – doTERRA Consultant Cindi
  • “This has been my favorite! I’ll be keeping blue tansy in my morning regimen!! Its really helped me in so many areas.” – doTERRA Customer Delena
  • “An emotional benefit to Blue Tansy is helping one to grieve. It is a soothing and very grounding oil that brings a blanket of comfort over you. I had the honor and privilege of utilizing this oil last month during my grandfather’s funeral and life celebration.” – d0TERRA Consultant Carrie
  • “This Blue Tansy challenge has been filled with wonderful new feelings and purpose. I’m not giving it up.” – doTERRA Customer Joni