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Buy doTERRA Cardamom (5 ml)


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Buy doTERRA Cardamom Essential Oil

Buy doTERRA Cardamom 5 ml to give this essential oil a try! It is fantastic for your respiratory system.

Ingredient: 100% pure doTERRA CPTG Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) essential oil.

All about Cardamom essential oil

doTERRA Cardamom Essential Oil

You may know Cardamom essential oil as a cooking spice, and it is! But did you know that Cardamom essential oil is also wonderful for respiratory support? To keep your lungs healthy, you could diffuse Cardamom to get the aromatic benefit.

doTERRA Cardamom Reviews

  • “I rubbed some on my chest as I was getting ready for work this afternoon. I’ve never used it alone topically! Reminded me of why it was a good addition to breathe!” – doTERRA Customer Ashley
  • “I used it, along with frankincense and fractionated coconut oil, in roller for my little guy’s respiratory support.” – doTERRA Customer Thea
  • “Digestive issues. Normally DigestZen works great, but if not I add Cardamom for added support and relief!” – doTERRA Customer Alycia
  • “I used Cardamom in a diffuser blend that smelled just like fresh baked Apple Pie.– doTERRA Consultant Lori
  • “I loved trying it in my coffee for the first time.– doTERRA Customer Christina
  • “I used it in my capsule this morning and in my diffuser the rest of the day and. It helped with my breathing issues today.” – d0TERRA Consultant Elaine
  • “I have had the bottle since there was a special sell. I used it in tea. Today I used it in cookie dough! Called for the powder. I just substituted it! Much richer taste; not artificial!” – doTERRA Customer Joni