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Buy doTERRA Clary Sage (15 ml)


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Buy doTERRA Clary Sage Essential Oil

Buy doTERRA Clary Sage 15 ml to give this woodsy and grounding essential oil a try! You will love the calming benefits.

Ingredient: 100% pure doTERRA CPTG Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) essential oil.

All about Clary Sage essential oil

doTERRA Clary Sage Essential Oil

doTERRA Clary Sage essential oil is a wonderful oil for women of all ages. Providing a soothing and calming feeling, you can use Clary Sage during your worst monthly week. Clary Sage essential oil is also a great oil to try for feelings of stress.

Clary Sage Reviews

  • “Clary Sage is in the Clary Calm blend and that is my “saving grace” during that time of the month! I start applying to my wrists and lower abdomen a few days before I start!!” – doTERRA Customer Angela
  • I find my body/mind actually craving the smell it’s so calming and I love it now! – doTERRA Customer Kelsey
  • “Love this over my tummy for some hormonal balance!” – doTERRA Customer Janet
  • “I love using Clary Sage in my diffuser and in a personal perfume blend with bergamot and patchouli.– doTERRA Consultant Katie
  • “Rub across my forehead for restful sleep.” – doTERRA Customer Elizabeth
  • “I use it in my conditioner all of the time to promote hair growth. It’s also an amazing calming oil. – d0TERRA Consultant Jaime
  • “I grab Clary Sage instead of Lavender often. I prefer the smell and find it so calming.. It’s my go to for muscle comfort of any kind as well.” – doTERRA Customer Nicole