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So you want to buy doTERRA Spanish Sage (15 ml)? You’re in the right place! Spanish Sage essential oil is used to support emotional health, mental clarity, relaxation, and soothe discomfort.

Spanish Sage Quick Tips

Once you buy your bottle of doTERRA Spanish Sage (15 ml), you can use these quick tips to try it out:

  • Diffuse when studying or focusing.
  • Take with water before an important test or presentation.
  • Dilute with a carrier oil or cream to enhance a deep tissue massage.
  • Provides an uplifting, soothing and earthy grounding aroma.
  • Massage Spanish Sage into your scalp when you shampoo your hair.

doTERRA Spanish Sage Product Information Page (PIP)

Be sure to download this Product Information PDF file, as well. It’s easy quick reference guide for how to use that bottle of doTERRA Spanish Sage you’re planning to buy today! I suggest creating a little binder of these, as you purchase each oil, you will begin to build your very own reference guide… for free!

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Additional information


Camphoraceous, herbal

Plant Part

Leaf, stem


Camphor, 1,8-Cineole

Usage Directions

Aromatic use: Add three to four drops to the diffuser of your choice.
Topical use: Apply one to two drops to the desired area. Dilute for sensitive skin.
Internal use: Take one drop with four fluid ounces of water.

Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.